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We’re so happy to introduce you the FIRST lecturer of CRYPTOCONF 2018 – Aleks Bozhinov! He was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, but at early age he moved to Bulgaria.  He graduated BSc International Business & Management from Hanze University (The Netherlands) in 2014 and then joined the CEMS Dual Master from University of Prague & London School of Economics.

After only a year as a Master student, he moved to Google as Sales Manager for AdWords.

He is a veteran of the business development by means of zero-cost marketing and growthhacking. They call him “marketing magician” – a name that comes from AQUAJAR project in which Alex has to sell a product to the whole world without any budget. AND HE DID IT. His secret formula for success is simple:  Happiness = Reality – Expectations. Why? Because when the reality is better than expected, people are happier.

Our honorary speaker believes that nowadays not content, but data are a driving force. Growthhacking turned out to be a reliable marketing method for searching new possibilities as well as data usage at all ICO milestones.

Aleks Bozhinov has two successful startups. Currently, he is Co-founder of an open innovation platform Crowdholding, Marketing Advisor at ICO companies, Business Focus and Online Marketing Coach. In his free time, he likes to play football and hike around Bulgarian mountains.

“Success is a product of our imagination, and to be truly successful, you have to think positive!”

~Aleks Bozhinov

Aleks Bozhinov has a great experience with many Blockchain Conferences all around the world! He was a speaker in The Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Estonia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Gibraltar, Spain and many others. During his presentation at CRYPTOCONF 2018, he will investigate real-life case studies on the successful usage of growthhacking by startups. And much more!

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