CRYPTOCONF 2018 | Business Storm Global

It’s time to introduce you our fifth speaker – Antonio Éram!

He is really good known to the world for being a serial entrepreneur and Angel investor. Half Romanian, half American he has graduated Academia Navală „Mircea cel Batrân” din Constanța Ilfov County, Romania in 1998. Two years earlier he gets involved in the Romanian Internet and Telecom business, with focus on mobile technologies, mobile payments, and marketing services. He is a professional seeker for new projects that can take the world.

In 2003 he has co-founded NETOPIA. The company is located in Bucharest and with a branch in Silicon Valley, is Romania’s premier mobile marketing and payments provider.

In 2009 he founded It is said that this is the next level of universal mobile payment and marketing platform. Aspiring to a global deployment, mobilPay was designed and developed to offer a universal solution for today’s fragmented mobile services.

Antonio Éram is also involved in many mentorships for Romanian based start-ups in IT, hardware, commerce & services and in different business activities in Palo Alto, CA.

He is well-known to the audience as one of the most famous speakers at different  IT & Blockchain Conferences so for sure you’ll learn a lot from him on CryptoConf 2018! Don’t miss your chance to listen to Érams lecture, because we’re sure there’re many things you can learn from him!

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