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Balázs Némethi | Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum, Foudner of Taqanu (Blockchain Based Bank), Entrepreneur and Investor

There is less than a month until Crypto Conf 2018 and the end of the lecturers’ list is also near! For the past few months, we have introduced you 13th of the event speakers and today is time to show you our number 14! He is Balázs Némethi and he comes from Germany! He is best known as an award-winning FinTech disruptor that created an amazing financial and societal change – a blockchain based bank for people without an address!

“I am a great believer that entrepreneurship and learning while doing. We are constantly going forward thus the best way to go is our way, and everyone`s way is different.”

He meets the entrepreneurship in the Netherlands during his Erasmus studies in Delft, where the university he studied in has its own incubator. When he moved back to Hungary he got involved in organizing the CESA (Central European Startup Awards). After he graduated there were two more projects he had worked on, one of them was a hardware startup, the fastrrr, the other one was the Snopy, the world most villainous alarm ever. Then he got the opportunity and moved to Norway and after that to Germany.

In 2016th he founded Taqanu, or as we said earlier – the blockchain based bank for people without an address. He is managing the project from day one, to make it into a real-world solution for everyone who is open for a new era of banking. He is also interacting with 3rd party organizations to delegate the best possible results while setting up partnerships.

We’re absolutely sure that he has a lot to tell you about, and that you can learn very useful things from him! Don’t miss your chance to be part of the biggest event of the year!

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