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Aleks Bozhinov |  ex-Google Marketing Specialist, Marketing Advisor at ICO companies, Co-founder at Crowdholding

  We’re so happy to introduce you the FIRST lecturer of CRYPTOCONF 2018 – Aleks Bozhinov! He was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, but at early age he moved to Bulgaria.  He graduated BSc International Business & Management from Hanze University (The Netherlands) in 2014 and then joined the CEMS Dual Master from University of […]

What the heck is Cryptocurrency? And Why?

What the heck is Cryptocurrency? And Why? Say it is a coin, that currently worth hundreds U.S. dollars, but it’s not made of gold, or platinum, or any precious metal? And it is not backed up by any central bank. Indeed. It isn’t attached to a state or government, so it doesn’t have a central […]