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Eril Gün Ezerel | Distributed ledger technologies expert, Cryptocurrency advisor, Philosopher, Entrepreneur

Many of you might think that the number 13 brings bad luck, but this surely is not relevant to our list of lecturers! The 13th speaker of CryptoCONF 2018 is here – Eril Gün Ezerel, from Turkey. He is a distributed ledger technologies enthusiast, a cryptocurrency advisor, a philosopher, an explorer and a great conversationalist.

Eril was born in 1991 in İzmir and has been hungry for knowledge since his childhood. He graduated from Denizli Erbakır Science Highschool, focused on STEM subjects and studied Industrial Engineering at Bilkent University as a high-honour scholarship student. He started his first company,, in his sophomore year and in 5 years, he helped millions of young Turkish students to choose their career paths while providing tools for companies’ recruitment processes. Currently, Eril is studying everything crypto-related, mentoring students, consulting projects and working on his next venture.

“As an entrepreneur, I love building high-impact systems. I enjoy absorbing information, playing with ideas and thinking about thinking. I function with “why” followed by “what if”.

Although he is the youngest lecturer, we’re sure that he’ll amaze you with the information he has to give you. Don’t miss your chance to be part of CryptoCONF 2018!

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