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It’s time to present you the next speaker on CryptoConf 2018 – Ivaylo Valchev.

He has a great experience and he will share it with us on the biggest CRYPTO event in Europe this spring. Ivaylo is one of the best finance and M&A advisors. And more:

Experienced Corporate Finance and M&A advisor
Senior Risk Management Consultant
MBA at Cass Business School
Graduate of The State University of New York
CEO of Cardinal Group
Involved in Blockchain Projects

Ivaylo Valchev is an economist and works in the areas of corporate finance and financial risk calculation. He graduated from the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, with bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics. After several years in Bulgaria working on some of the largest deals in M&A, Project Finance and restructurings in the country, he went to London, where he graduated from the MBA programme of Cass Business School, where he did research about the credit ratings of structured products.

Currently, he is a Senior Risk Management Consultant for Much-Net AG, a highly specialized German financial software developer for banks, funds, and governments.

Additionally, he co-founded a boutique financial advisory firm Cardinal Group and is the CFO of Remember Bulgaria, a startup in the entertainment and services sectors building a community for expats and tourists in the country.

Previously he managed an online sportsbook, which became one of the most developed bitcoin sportsbooks in 2015 and the company was later sold.

His interests are associated with causes for financial crises, market dynamics and inefficiencies, game theory, the use of credit, derivatives and more complex products in transactions in the areas of corporate finance and asset management. In his free time, he does mostly reading, free diving and riding motorbikes.

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