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We present you Loic Le Pichoux – the next speaker on CryptoConf 2018!

CryptoCONF 2018 is getting closer and closer every day! We’ve already introduced to you 8 of our speakers and our host. Today we will present you our 9th speaker -Loic Le Pichoux! He was born in France, but at the moment is located in Sofia. He is best known as the CEO and Co-Founder of Klear, that started in 2015. This is a unique platform combining Peer to Peer Lending and Financial Education.

Loic brings in 20 years of experience in Cetelem and BNP Paribas Personal Finance, having occupied various C-Executive positions in many countries. More recently, he had been CEO of Cetelem in Algeria and CEO of BNP Paribas Personal Finance in Bulgaria.

Gathering a team of experienced professionals from the industry having previously worked with Loic, Klear was created with the idea to build a sustainable activity, fair and transparent.

His free time is really interesting and absolutely worth talking about. Back in 2014th, he took a little bit more than a year to travel around the world (don’t forget to ask him about that too in his lecture). Just a few months after finishing with that enterprise he founded Klear. He says that he really wish to learn how to play the guitar someday and that he believes that when you start giving or helping, you’ll naturally get good things in return. We surely believe in the same thing! Can’t wait to hear what he have to tell us on CryptoCONF 2018!

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