CRYPTOCONF 2018 | Business Storm Global

Nicholas Jackman | Blockchain Expert, Cryptocurrency advisor, Digital Nomad

Entrepreneur, Marketing Specialist, Business Strategist, speaker at many International Business Conferences. Advising world-famous companies like Google, eToro, Cryptovest, UFX, PapaChina, and others on Blockchain adoption.
We’re happy to present to you our 7th Speaker for the CryptoConf 2018! It’s the Irish Entrepreneur Nicholas Jackman. Google, eToro, Cryptovest, UFX, PapaChina, REMAX and scores of clients around the world count on Nick’s digital expertise, technical analysis, business consultancy, and writing talent.
Focused on the crypto space since 2017, he now aids mass Blockchain adoption with crypto asset video creations that secure millions of views every day.
Having educated and project managed on-site and remotely across The Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, his two decades of true global experience now manifests with “Step on the Blockchain.”  
Nicholas will be your guide to the securing of free entry into the crypto sphere. FREE does not mean ‘effort free’ however: Leverage your talent, your connections, ideas and time, to secure Satoshis.
Then take those Satoshis to earn more every day, through stakes in real utility token based corporate economies. “Provision of work for rewards is blockchain’s killer application, and you have a part to play in realizing Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision.”
~ Nicholas
Nicholas is one of the original ‘Digital Nomads.’ Engage with this CryptoConf 2018 lecturer and enjoy the freedom to live anywhere by going it alone OR managing talent-filled teams, to secure your legacy.
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