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Pascal Tallarida Cryptoconf 2018

Pascal Tallarida |  Fintech Entrepreneur, Senior Forex Trader, CEO of Jarvis Edge, Decentralized Economy Enthusiast, Blockchain Expert, International Speaker at many Fintech & Blockchain Conferences around the World

All of our lecturers are highly professional. The third lecturer who we will introduce you is Pascal Tallarida. He was born in France but now Pascal lives in Bulgaria. He is one of the best speakers about Fintech and blockchain. Join us and meet Pascal Tallarida.

Pascal Tallarida is a Senior Forex Trader with more than a decade experience in the sector, Fintech Entrepreneur, CEO of Jarvis Edge. He is also a Decentralized Economy Enthusiast, Blockchain Expert.

Pascal has delivered many training session, key notes and workshops at many Fintech & Blockchain Conferences around the World.

Pascal Tallarida believes that by now, the young fintech industry has successfully changed the finance, but only on its surface. Startup has made the finance, the banks and insurances more mobile, closer to customers and providing a very good user experience, faster and less expensive. But the outdated banking and financial system behind these fintech solutions remain the same, full of intermediaries, bottleneck, fees and barriers. In my belief decentralized technologies, tokenisatin of assets, are the keys to deeply change the financial structure and services.

Pascal is also a successful entrepreneur and currently running one of the largest trading schools and trading communities in France. He successfully co-founded Jarvis Edge after exploring the digital currencies patterns and their underneath technologies.

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