CRYPTOCONF 2018 | Business Storm Global

Rui Dong | Blockchain Association of Canada, Angel Investor, Blockchain Advisor, FinTech Expert, International Speaker, Entrepreneur

Rui is an Angel Investor and Blockchain Advisor, who started his career flipping burgers at Dairy Queen. A decade later he has built a stellar career in the FinTech world, co-founded a Bitcoin consulting company and is currently a key advisor at the Blockchain Association of Canada. On top of that, Rui is a frequent writer and speaker, where he focuses on the FinTech industry from the perspective of an investor. Rui’s focus is on evergreen rather than what’s hot, and on fundamentals & technologies rather than price analysis. His motto is that we are all connected in a way: what we read, see and hear always nudges our lives into a new direction. As one of our speakers, he hopes to nudge yours in a positive way.

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